Summer Sunday in Zuma

Zuma is a Southern California beach.  I don’t mean it’s IN Southern California (which of course it is), but I mean that it’s the quintessential sunny, golden sand beach you see on all the postcards.  There may not be any famous distinguishing landmarks that one would recognize, but Zuma embodies the stereotypical California lifestyle that Katy Perry sings about in her songs.

Beach Woman

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to the beach.  As it is, it takes me about an hour and a half to get to Zuma from where I live.  It’s definitely a daytrip, but that also just gives me an excuse to stay longer, and inevitably sunburn

Zuma Lifeguards


It was a Sunday morning, and I had been watching the weather closely to make sure it was a good beach day.  The forecast showed warm and sunny for Zuma, so we were good to go.  It was mid-August and my first beach day of the year, due to the extended June gloom that has plagued the SoCal beaches this year.

It was a day of extremes; the beach was too hot to lie on for long, and the water was too cold to swim in, for me anyway.  I alternated between reading in a sand chair, quick-dipping in the ocean, and lying out to bask in the warm sun.  The colorful beach umbrellas undulated in the soft sea breeze, and the huge Malibu mansions looked down over the rolling waters like the gods on Olympus looking down on the ancient Greeks.  It was a glorious day.

If you’re looking for a clean, eye-pleasing beach with hard-bodied lifeguards and good boogie boarding waves, Zuma is the place.  Located along the Pacific Coast Highway just a bit north of the town of Malibu, it’s a great place to see the best beach life that Los Angeles has to offer.  Although there’s pay parking, I prefer trolling for a free spot along the highway (you must be an expert parallel-parker on the busy weekend days).  So come early, don’t forget your sunscreen, and bring your best I-look-hot-in-this-bikini attitude, because Zuma is all about the California lifestyle.


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  1. I love Zuma too. It is my favorite So Cal beach. And you can watch dolphins bodysurf at sunset. So great.

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