SoCal vs. NorNev: A Comparison in Living

I’ve been living in Reno, Nevada for the last six weeks working on school, and I find living here quite different from living in Southern California.  I have to say that I really miss the beach!

Let’s compare:

Pace of Life

SoCal: The pace of living in Los Angeles has always been frenetic, those Starbucks-drinking, cell phone-holding, road-raging Angelinos are famous for that, and I love it!

NorNev: Slower.  Reno almost seems to me like one big suburb, with a handful of casinos thrown in.  You can get some nightlife and whatnot, but a lot of it is geared towards the tourists.

Winner:  I think this is a matter of opinion.  I love that L.A. is crazy all the time, but if you like a  more of a homey feel (with slot machines), then Reno is your place.


SoCal: There’s no place like a Southern California beach, but you can’t see it from any given point.  The Foothill

Photo Courtesy of Yinqian Shi

Mountains and Santa Monica Mountains are so-so, but you really have to drive to get to anything dramatic.


NorNev: The Sierra Nevadas are knock knock knocking at Reno’s backdoor, and they’re beautiful!  Presently they are covered with snow and look very whimsical.  Not to mention Lake Tahoe is about an hour away, and the scenery on the way only gets more and more dramatic.

Winner: NorNev.  In my eyes, nothing SoCal has can beat the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I’m definitely biased, but I don’t care.  Things are just prettier here than they are, say, in the San Fernando Valley.  No offense, Encino.

Things to Do

Topless Fun Tours? Yesssssss!

SoCal: There is so much to do in all of Southern California, including Orange County and San Diego, that you could do something every day for a year and not to the same thing twice.  Plus, all of that is world-class, from the theater to the museums to the famous tourist spots.

NorNev: There are many things to do if you’re an outdoor person and can afford to do said outdoorsy things.  I personally would like to snowboard, but find it exorbitantly priced to do so.  Other than the great outdoors, there’s gambling and maybe community theater.  Possibly a historic site or two within reasonable distance.

Winner: SoCal.  There are is a great variety of things to do in the Los Angeles area, and if you like the outdoorsy stuff, you can find that within a day trip if you look hard enough.  I personally love to do a good tourist walk of shame down the Hollywood Walk of Fame every once in a while, just to see if Spongebob Squarepants really DOES have a star.


SoCal: Contrary to popular belief, L.A. isn’t always 75 degrees all year round; but it is a lot of the time.  I can honestly say I’ve gotten in a good beach day or two in late November or mid-January, and I love it.  Granted, it sometimes rains in the winter and the entire city freaks out, but that I can live with.

NorNev: One thing I’ve learned in the past six weeks is my philosophy on snow: great from the week of Thanksgiving until Christmas, but I hate it with a passion anytime after that.  If I could afford it, I would run away to a tropical bungalow every January until springtime.  It will warm up here eventually and be a rather mild summer, but just the fact that it snows and the snow sticks during winter makes me want to run screaming…or ski away yelling?

Winner: SoCal.  I like to experience the seasons, but on a visitation-only basis.  I seem to have discovered my inner-warm-weather girl who complains a lot about heavy jackets and knit caps.  If that’s how you like it though, then Reno might be the place for you.

In conclusion…

My lovelies, I can imagine that your attention spans are waning right now (as mine would be).  I must say that in conclusion, I suppose it’s what you want in a home that will determine where the winner is and where the runner-up is.  Since Los Angeles wins my heart, maybe I’ll just count these next couple months as an extended vacay in the biggest little city in the world, Reno, NV.


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