Another Snow Adventure or Why Does It Happen To Me?

It’s no secret that I have the worst luck with snow, ever.  I could be in the middle of the Mojave Desert in July and it would snow on me, which is ironic, because aside from Christmas and jingle bells, I really don’t like snow all that much.  But it seems to like me.

I had to postpone my drive back up to Reno from SoCal for a day due to a storm.  I decided to take the long way around, the “non-scenic route”, for those who know how averse I am to it.  This way I was mostly avoiding the snowy mountains.  Apparently it doesn’t take much time in the mountains to delay me.  After hours and hours of driving through farm country, I finally started climbing the western slope of the Sierras and encountered this:

After passing bigrigs chainging up and a stressed phone call to my mother, both my parents advised me to wait it out in a motel. I ended up having tocall in to work (damn!) and hunker down in one of the tiny towns in the gold country back down the mountain.  The first one I encountered was Colfax, a tiny, misty town stuck in the side of the hill.  I felt more like I was in Oregon or Washington than Central California, due to the tall pine trees with low clouds clinging to them.  I checked in at seemingly the only motel in town (Colfax Motor Lodge), a place that still uses metal keys, and decided to explore the little town.

Historic Downtown Colfax, California


I came across the historic downtown center, and felt like time had stopped in this tiny railroad town.  The town was quiet and it seemed many places were closed, but I was happy to just peek in the windows.  I took the old trusty steed (that’s my car, just so we’re clear) and drove up and down narrow roads, just taking in my adventure.  I made it my goal to find the old town cemetery (these small western towns always have them with their crumbling headstones), and ended up exploring many back roads and a campground trying to find it.  Unfortunately it was tucked away in a corner of town I never got to, but I did see much of the area with my window rolled down to listen to the thunder (and getting rained in in my car, but it’s my adventure and I’ll get rained on if I want to!)  Eventually, it started to pour,so I headed back to my room to relax.

Painted on the back of the old rail station. Um, what?


After the stress of trying to get over the pass, a little small-town exploration and some tv-watching were just what the doctor ordered.  It was as relaxing day as I had had lately, and I was driving back from Spring Break.  Here’s to unexpected snow adventures!


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  1. I love the snow, but I’m terrified of driving in it. I would definitely opt for the motel route rather than the “trying to drive through it” route!

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