Travel Seeds and the People That Water Them

I’ve always had a pretty easy time of justifying doing things I probably shouldn’t by asking myself “when else will I be able to do it?”  Mostly this reasoning just applies to traveling and paying for experiences that I probably can’t afford at the time but do anyway, because hey, when else will I be able to do it?  Then when my pesky logical brain gets in the way, I call up someone who always tells me what I want to hear (which is always “DO IT!”) and they tell me to, in fact, DO IT, so then I DO.

This is precisely what happened the weekend when one minute I was doing homework, the next minute I was on the freeway on my way to San Francisco.  It was the very beginning of April, and the first nice weekend weather-wise of the year.  My roommate had previously rejected my idea of taking a leisurely drive into the local mountains (it’s hear fault!), so I had hunkered down and decided to study economics or geology or something equally as boring.  Then, in the mysterious way that it usually happens, an idea seed got planted in my head.  It grew and grew until I could no longer concentrate, and suddenly I was looking up weather and hotels in San Francisco.  I mean, when would I ever be within close driving distance to San Francisco in the foreseeable future?  Can you see my logic??  Tell me you can!  Then after thoughts of money woes and gas prices, I called my mom so she would tell me to DO IT, and then I DID.

Within an hour of the travel seed being planted, I had thrown some clean undies and my toothbrush in my bag and had headed west on the I-80.  I tend to base my opinion of my own company in the car dependant upon what I’m doing, and at that moment, I loved my own company.  It seems a spontaneous road trip really bonds me with me.  Cheap fast good, some good tunes, and a new destination always turns my mood right around.  I wish I could bottle that and sell it!

I made the drive and found my way to my hotel, then decided to settle in and enjoy the luxury of being totally alone in my own space for the night (having a roommate can do much damages on the nerves).

I spent the weekend relaxing in the warm sun, during the first nice days of the spring.  I visited Fisherman’s Wharf (where I ate some delicious clam chowder), toured the U.S.S. Pampanito, and indulged in a hot fudge sundae in Ghiradelli Square.  In the midst of my relaxation and full tummy, I laid in the grass in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge and soaked in the sun.  It was the most relaxed I had been in months, and it’s sad to me that I had forgotten what that feeling was like.

Technically, my side trip to San Francisco was my first solo trip to a big city.  It was a liberating experience, one I hope to repeat again and again in my life.  I’ve decided that travel feels good, and that seems to be all the justification I need.  If you have a chance, do it.  I feel that regret is worse than being in debt.  Others might feel differently, but I’d rather take the risks in life than regret not taking them when I had the chance.


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