Getting With the Program

I finally got the e-mail that informed me that I am admitted to Semester at Sea.  I started the application a month and a half ago, just after having been broken up with over text message by the guy I was dating for seven months.  I guess applying to Semester at Sea was the essential breakup rebellion, as when girls chop all their hair off after a break up to assert their independence (I’ve done that too!).  This was an “I don’t need you, I have the world!” move for me, although I actually really wanted to do it.  I’ve waited on pins and needles for the last six weeks, obsessively watching Semester at Sea videos on YouTube, and talking my friends and family’s ears off.  Finally, I have confirmation that I will be traveling the world.

It’s not going to be cheap, easy, or always fun.  I’ll need to quit my job (a scary prospect in this economy, although I hope they like me enough to hire me back in May 2012), go into debt that I probably shouldn’t have, and enter countries that may give me malaria, get me caught in a civil war, eaten by lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), or cause me to solidify my place as the most awkward girl on the planet.  I’m willing to put up with all this though.  I can get vaccinations, save my money, live frugally, and accept my awkwardness.  I want to do this.  I NEED to do this.  I have an unyielding desire to live beyond my comfort zone, to see the things that I read about in books, and to spread my knowledge and tolerance to other people faster than Paris Hilton spreads herpes.

I can already tell that in the next eight months, this blog will be filled to the brim with posts about Semester at Sea.  I apologize in advance.  This will be the biggest trip I’ve ever done (to date), and so far the most significant.  I just hope I can share my experiences, whether it’s about booking flights, packing, embarking, life on the ship, life in port, or anything else, in a way that’s entertaining and coherent, and that will bring a little more love and understanding to the world.


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