Semester at Sea and fall finals will kill me

The countdown has begun, and it seems to be rolling by pretty quickly.  It’s probably because I have a million and a half things to do in the next 7 weeks, between finishing up the fall semester and preparing for the greatest adventure of my 24 years thus far.  I’ll tell you, Americans need a lot of paperwork to go some places!  There are a few countries I can’t step foot into unless I’ve had a Yellow Fever shot (but let’s face it, I don’t want to get Yellow Fever anyway).  I’ve also passed my passport along to the experts to obtain visas for Brazil, Ghana, India, and China.  I was nervous about mailing my passport away but the people at Study Abroad Visas have been really good about keeping in touch so I feel better about it now.  As of today, it is 50 days until I fly to Nassau, Bahamas, and 53 days until we set sail.

I’m plodding along getting all the required things done, like I said my visas are out of my hands and I’ve gotten yellow fever, polio, meningitis, and typhoid vaccines.  I need to go to the student health center this week and get a Hep A shot and see if they will prescribe malaria meds and cipro, as well as get my medical form filled out.  I really hope they will prescribe me those because I have no insurance and I really don’t want to have to find some doctor in Reno that’s going to charge me an exorbitant price just to walk in the door.

As of right now, those of you that are even a little interested in what I’m doing, I have 3 and a half weeks left in Reno before I move home for Christmas (on 12/20), then I will work as much as humanly possible until 1/15, which will be spend packing and repacking for hours upon hours, and then on 1/16 I have to wake up somewhere around 2 AM to catch a flight out of LAX at 6:10 AM.  Then a layover in Miami and then into Nassau at 4:59 PM, where I will spend 3 glorious, glorious days laying on the beach starting what will probably be the best tan I’ve ever had in my life, before I set sail to circumnavigate the globe.  I can’t wait!!


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