2011: An Awkward Year

2011 was a tumultuous year for both me and the people I loved.  It had amazing moments, but it also had some incredible challenges that I’d rather not repeat in 2012.  Regardless of the lows, I learned something about the world and myself every single day, and I wouldn’t change any of it.  It brought love, laughter, tears, adventures, fears, heartache, loss, joy, and every other emotion I could possibly had.  I freaked some people out by having them all at once, but luckily they make a pill for that.  I look upon 2011 as old lover that I loved but now must leave behind, and looking toward 2012 as 12 months of adventure.

Times Square, 12/31/10

I spent the first hours of the new year partying in Times Square with some of my favorite people in the world.

I saw 3 shows on Broadway.

I strolled through frozen Central Park.

I paid my respects at Ground Zero.

I saw the world from the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building.

I moved to Reno to be a college student.

I loved and broke up with someone 10 years older than me.

I rediscovered my Awkward Tourist.

I got closer to my grandmother.

I helped my family when my dad got laid off.

I took a solo road trip to San Francisco and treated myself to many yummy things.

I took my Scottish best friend to an American ghost town.

I waited with hundreds of other Potheads to see the final Harry Potter movie at midnight.

I took a whole weekend to do LA right stress-free with my BBFFs.

I auditioned for a game show.

I made it on to a game show.

I moved back to Reno.

I (hopefully) helped my best friend go through a very difficult time.

I survived my Journalism class.

I visited New York City alone.

I rode the NY subway alone.

I ate a Shake Shack burger.

I failed miserably at a game show.

I watched a cousin get married.

I went through the sudden death of another cousin.I went to Fright Fest as a visitor.

I flew internationally with just a carry-on.

I crossed an international border by car for the first time.

I got stuck in Seattle traffic.

I took an amphibious tour of Seattle.

I saw the Sleepless in Seattle house.

I visited North Cascades National Park.

I  met some amazing people that I feel is no coincidence.

I participated in my first pub crawl.

I got food poisoning for the first time.

I got 2 semesters closer to my Bachelor’s Degree.

I planned my first trip around the world.

The first couple weeks of 2012 I get to spend in utter relaxation with my family, and then I leave to sail around the world for 3 1/2 months.  Next year’s list will be quite a bit more impressive.  Happy New Year, bring it on 2012!!


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  1. Annamarie Gavin

    Hooray! New york city! And for ten days til we set sail!

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