The Trip is Nigh


It’s 7:14 on Thursday night, so I’m just going to round up and say that there’s ten days left until I leave for Semester at Sea.  Holy crap, ten days?!?!  How did this happen?  Where did time go?  The law of time or physics or whatever you’d call it is so weird for this type of thing.  I’ve been waiting and counting down for this trip for 8 months, and now that it’s almost on top of me I say “wait!  I need more time!”  Now I feel rushed.  There’s not enough time to earn the money I need to, nor is there enough time to plan what I need to.  What have I been doing all this time?  Oh yeah, only working on the busiest semester of my life!  It’ll all be worth it though, when I see that gleaming blue and white ship in its berthand I’m enjoying a fruity cocktail with 700 new friends.  So here’s where I am, at ten days until I leave for Nassau:

I have much more to buy.  Some of this I actually really need, some I could probably live without but it would make my life much easier if I had it.  Today I bought a new bathing suit; I didn’t NEED it per se, but I haven’t bought a new one in over 3 years and my old ones are getting a little warped.  I haven’t packed a lick yet, I think it’s because I have a mental block until I get my visas, because let’s be honest, I’m not going ANYWHERE until I get my passport back with my visas in it.  I’m actually not freaking out too much about it though, because the company I used (, although it’s taken almost 3 months, has been amazing about answering my annoying e-mails and calls worrying about my visas.  I have heard bad things about the customer service about the SAS-recommended company, Pinnacle, who also has taken a long time to get out the visas of some of my peers.  So if I get my visas when I was told I will (early next week, although that’s cutting it close), I will definitely recommend that to future voyagers.

So it has basically come down to buying the rest of what I need, and waiting for my visas.  Next week will consist of packing and freaking the #@$% out.

Happy travels!


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