On My Way…

I’m sitting in terminal 4 at LAX about to depart for Semester at Sea, and I can’t even think straight.  I can’t decide which emotion to feel, because I have such a bevy to choose from.  It might have something to do with the fact that I woke up at 2 AM and am at the airport at 5 AM, but who knows.  I spent all yesterday packing, with a trip to the gym in the middle.  I need to work off some of the stress, although maybe stress is the wrong word.  Tension?  Anticipation?   Whatever you want to call it, I had to work some of it out.  I tried my original packing configuration, a giant duffel bag and a smaller duffel bag to carry on, but I just had too much crap and had to break down and use suitcases instead.  It might suck for the amount of space in my Semester at Sea cabin, and I probably brought way too much stuff, but I feel like I need it all!  Maybe I didn’t need the alarm clock with the iPod dock, but it seemed like an awesome idea at the time and I can have dance parties and jump on the bed in my room.  I hope my roommate is cool with that.  My flight will board in about 45 minutes, then I’m on to Miami where there are at least 3 SAS people on my flight to Nassau to keep me company.  Here I go…


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