A Day in Paradise

I’ve been having the time of my life in the Bahamas these last couple of days. I arrived at about 7 pm on Monday and shared a cab with some fellow SASholes to the hotel. I met my roommate Alyssa and crashed for a while, just chatting with her. Luckily she’s very cool and we get along well, in fact we’ve been inseparable since we met. We scooped up some other people that didn’t have anywhere else to go and found a place in the hotel to eat. The place was ridiculously overpriced; we’re talking $15 for a plate of nachos that tasted like they had AM/PM sauce on them. Since we were tired from traveling all day, we ended up staying in our room with a couple people and playing cards for the night. On Tuesday, we woke up, took advantage of the free breakfast, and headed to the beach. We spent about 3 hours there, magnetically attracting other Semester at Sea kids that seem to know me from Facebook. I guess I became “Facebook famous” from posting so much, and realized that I need to get a life. It works out nicely for meeting people here though, and I even got referred to as “the awkward freaking tourist!” and that made me really happy. We chatted a while and then headed back to the room to shower and change. I’m really impressed with the Bahamian scenery, and I was in Heaven just lying on the beach. The swaying coconut trees and the turquoise waters are the stuff of fantasies and I was living in a dream.

Alyssa and I then met up with some people and scooped up some more, and hopped the bus to the Fish Fry district to eat some conch fritters and watch the sun set. The conch fritters at Twin Brothers are awesome, by the way. We then ran after a bus and headed back to the hotel. Alyssa and I needed a grocery store, so we set off on a walk with everyone else in tow. We stopped by the Daq Shack across the street from the hotel and purchased some adult smoothies and continued on our way. Somehow we ended up at a liquor store where one needed to be buzzed in to enter. Some of our party made purchases, but the most amusing was John’s purchase of the Bahamian beer called “Bush Crack”. He is now known as “Bush Crack John”. We lost a few members who walked back to the hotel and made it to a grocery store finally, but we soon discovered that everything was incredibly overpriced (we still had males with us, don’t worry mom and dad). We tried to discreetly leave before anyone noticed that we hadn’t bought anything, but I don’t think it worked. Walking on, we discovered that it’s rather scary to walk along Bahamian roads because it alternates between houses and bushes and generally there’s no sidewalk. The next grocery store, which we were told would be cheaper, was just as expensive and frustrating. I griped and moaned about settling for White Rain for my flowing red locks, which we all know I take extremely good care of. I guess this is the first test of my journey.

We headed back to the hotel to change for Señor Frog’s, a popular bar/club in Spring Break areas, where everyone was meeting up for the night. We went and danced and bonded and watched people be crazy, and maybe were a little crazy ourselves. I had been wondering where the 20-something in me had been hiding, but she’s starting to make an appearance and I have to say that she was missed. Sometimes my old soul just needs a break.


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