Wait…I have to go to school too?

I embarked on a new adventure today, an academic adventure. It was the first day of classes on the ship. It was what is effectively called an “A” day, meaning we have A days and B days, with different classes on each. This works almost like a MWF/TTh class schedule back at home, except we have school on almost all days we’re not in port, including weekends.

The last couple of days have been spent getting accustomed to the ship and the people around us, and also being in such close. (Close. Close. Closer. So much closer than I’d ever been before. We were closer than Siamese twin beavers.) ßMy laptop was hijacked by my friend Kimani just now, sorry. We’re all getting really close really fast, it’s kind of like internet dating since we all sort of met on Facebook beforehand. It has been decided by forces beyond my control that I am what they call “Facebook famous”, meaning that I posted in the voyage’s Facebook group so much that people know me by sight. I would definitely say this is as close to popular as I’ve ever been, either that or it means that I need to stay off of Facebook.

I digress. I had my chemistry class, global studies, and creative writing classes today. Chemistry is taught by a South African professor, whom I think is going to be a decently laid-back professor. I must note that it is still going to be difficult to learn covalent and ionic bonds at 8 AM with the open sea whipping past the window. Global studies is the class that the entire ship has to take, which more or less teaches us about the next port we’re going to see. The professor, much to my amusement, used about 17,569 sound effects in his slide show, seemingly trying to perk up the masses. The creative writing class is going to be interesting, it’s taught by an Irish professor whom I heard won the Pulitzer Prize. I only hope that I can make myself do homework, it’s really difficult when all your friends live thirty seconds down the hallway…


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