A Day at Sea

I suppose my blog posts about Semester at Sea would not be well-rounded if they didn’t include a post about ship life. Let me tell you, after the rigorous semester I had in the fall, this semester is a welcome break. Not to say that I’m not learning or I don’t value the classes, because I do; it’s just that I only have 4 classes, no work, and my friends around me 24/7. It makes it incredibly difficult to get any studying or work done. All of us are here for the experience, not necessarily for the book-learning. The lectures about the types of trees in the Amazon are interesting, but are only made complete when you’re sleeping in a hammock in the middle of the jungle surrounded by tree frogs and spiders the size of your hand. Even if this is not the most strenuous of learning environments, it’s most definitely the richest educational experience I’ve ever had.

A normal day consists of waking at 6:40 (on purpose, who knew?), breakfast, a class or two, lunch, a class, and hanging around my friends until 11 PM or so. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much lounging or laughing in my life, at least for days and days straight. My major problems consist of what variety of pasta and potatoes they’re serving at mealtimes, and whether or not I should spend the $2 on a Diet Coke at the snack bar. We play board games, we lay out in the sun on the deck, we get rocked to sleep in class by the movement of the ship. I would say it is the most unique school experience I’ve ever had, and I’m loving every minute of it so far. I miss my family and friends, my animals and my Mom’s cooking, but there’s really no other place I’d rather be right now.


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