Amazon Like a Native: Brazil, Day 4

Our last day on the Amazon. We woke up early enough to watch the sun rise, and our boats headed towards an indigenous village where the people were going to perform ritual dances and songs for us. We landed and walked up to their tribal house, which very much reminded me of the tribal halls I have seen in Alaska, minus the totem poles. The tribe performed and we were all mesmerized by the sound of the drums and the rhythmic pounding of their feet. They did the dances that they do when they are hoping for a good harvest, or when they thank the gods for a successful fishing trip. I hope somewhere along the line I can find recordings of the songs they played, because they were haunting. After they performed, they pulled all of us up to dance with them. We must have looked like idiots, but it was really fun.

Afterward, we set out back towards Manaus. Most of the people got dropped off conveniently just near the MV Explorer, but Will, Sean, Lexi and I decided to stay on until the end, because a local had told Will that there was a great churascuria near the place where the boat was to dock. We said our goodbyes and got off the boat, me dragging my rolling suitcase behind me. Had I known I was going to be walking all over hell and back, I probably would have packed differently. It was definitely one of the more awkward things I’ve done, running over locals’ feet with my wheels and all. We found the place and I ordered way too much food, but it was really delicious and I was glad to have some good meat for once.

We got a little lost on our way back, but we eventually found the place we were looking for. Will and I stayed in the port because someone had mentioned an internet café. I was able to Skype with my parents (the first time since the Bahamas), which I was very grateful for. We got back on the ship well before on-ship time (3 PM) and I took one of the best showers of my life. I washed the Amazon River off of myself, but my experiences there will stay with me forever. On to Africa…


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