Ghanaian Ketchup: Ghana, Day 5

I slept in. I know I shouldn’t do that in ports, but I had had a late night and I figured I deserved it. I waited for Alyssa to get back from her FDP before going out, which ended up being an hour late coming back. I spent a lot of money at the ship snack bars before that, because I was waiting to get lunch with her. We grabbed Perri and caught a taxi, confusing him at first and then telling him to take us somewhere with good food. I’m never trusting a local Ghanaian with that again, because he took us to what I could call a sit-down fast food restaurant, even though we had wanted the fish market. We ended up having to stay there, because the cab left and it was too far to walk to anywhere else. The food took a long time to get, but it was good (it would have been better had they not smothered my sandwich in their nasty Ghanaian ketchup). We stuffed ourselves with fried plantains (YUM!).

Our taxi driver came back for us and we went straight back to the ship, as on-ship time was looming. Alyssa and I had cedi to spare, so we shopped around at the vendors that had set up shop just outside the ship on the dock. They weren’t haggling very well there, but I wanted to get rid of my currency so I bought some stuff anyway. I ended up getting a magnet (luckily, I hadn’t been able to find one yet), an “I Love Ghana” t-shirt and a small purse. We boarded the ship and said goodbye to Ghana, ready for a shower and happy to have experience such a unique West African country. Now on to South Africa…


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