My Name’s Bruce: South Africa, Day 2 Part 2

It didn’t take long for the sharks to start in on the giant tuna head the crew was throwing in as bait. Whenever a shark went for it, they yelled out and we took a gulp of air and entered the shark’s domain. Even though the water was murky, the view was incredible. I saw the teeth and eyes of a creature I had only seen on the Discovery Channel previously. One got so close it bumped into the cage. It was incredible! The beasts are huge, we had one that was at least fourteen feet circling the boat at one point. I could not get enough of being in the cage, even though the best view was from the boat. I feel like I spent the most amount of time in the water, with three dives and probably a combined 45 minutes in the water. I saw a lot of action, and now I can satisfactorily cross cage diving off of my bucket list.

We cheered a lot as other people we diving, when the sharks would go for the bait, sometimes slamming against the cage. I pulled bags of Lays chips and cans of Diet Coke from the coolers on board and yelled as if I were at a sports game as the sharks swam around us. I could have stayed there and watched the prehistoric creatures swim for hours more, but all too soon it was time for a crew member to peel the wetsuit off of me and head back towards Gaansbai.

After a cup of coffee and the acquisition of yet another magnet, we piled back into the van and made the trip back in the blink of an eye, as I slept the entire time. My group arranged a time to meet back up at a place on the ship so we could head back out and maximize our time. I took a shower and my hair was still wet when we left the ship once again.

The group took the shuttle back out to the V&A Waterfront. Being starving, we searched around for a place to have some good food and maybe a drink to wind down our exciting day. After checking out and rejecting several places, Alyssa and I decided to break off from the group and go to a place that sold fried seafood. We ordered malted milkshakes and enough fried food to make us sick, but it was oh so good and we wolfed it down. Since we were at a mall anyway, we decided to go and pick up some stuff that we needed in case we never found it again.

I bought a backpack at a sporting goods store and some shampoos and snacks from a pharmacy store, and we shopped around for souvenirs. I found myself to be all set after that, so we walked around and got ourselves some fried dessert. We watched a performance of a man strangely dressed like a Native American dancing a dance to recorded drums. Alyssa and I had wanted to be by ourselves, so we spent the evening dodging everyone else we knew, running into stores and behind objects in order to avoid their gazes. We managed this successfully for a couple of hours, before we got back on the shuttle and ran smack into them. It didn’t matter, we were happy to see them at that point. I got back into my cabin and Skyped my parents with the awesome free internet I was receiving, and then I went to bed as I had to be up at 3 AM the next morning.


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