A Long-Awaited Update

I realize it has been over seven months since my last post, and I’m sorry about that.  That’s a long time to go without some Awkward Tourist, I realize this and I know you guys are probably going through withdrawals and all that stuff, because The Awkward Tourist is like crack.  Except the crack that’s awkward, like from a plumber.

Just one of the things I made in Mechanical Engineering

Just one of the things I made in Mechanical Engineering

Seriously though, I know the one or two people who actually do read may have been wondering what’s been going on.  Since I last posted, I started school yet again and changed my major to mechanical engineering.  I know it’s a crazy thing to switch from journalism to mechanical engineering, everyone thinks I’m nuts.  I may be, I may just be.  My overall goal is to join the US Navy as an officer, after I earn my degree.  I got a taste of traveling the world and I want to do it more, and a practical way I can see to do that is to join the Navy and be a badass on a ship that’s going from port to port.  What could go wrong?

It’s definitely been a struggle adjusting to the math and science after the journalism, and I’ve had to keep up with work in order to pay for my life and pay my way through school.  Plus, paying off all my unforgettable experiences that I had last year has had me working hard.  Worth it!  I have a few trips up my sleeve, however.

My next mini-adventure will be a camping trip in Carpinteria, but since I’ve already made a post about that I will omit it from my plans.  Maybe a mini-post to go with my mini-trip would be appropriate.  My next larger trip will be 10 days in the UK, in Scotland specifically.  I’m trying to see if I can work out a couple of days in London as well, since I’ve really only been there overnight.  I’ll be visiting The Scottish Warrior, aka my best friend.  I guess you could say I’m doing a Scottish homestay, but I know the family very well.  I can’t wait to go and binge on British chocolate and butterfly cakes, and be silly with my best friend.  I plan to explore more of the Scottish Highlands, maybe make another trip to Loch Ness and see some more castles.

Also, I have a phone interview this week for a lodge outside of Denali, Alaska for a summer job.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it yet, or even if I’ve gotten the job.  I may need to stay in Reno to do some summer classes, which would not exactly be my first choice of summer residences.  I’ll keep you guys updated on that, since it could be big fun.

Again, I apologize for the delay between posts.  I will try to get in one a week if I can, I’d really like to make it a priority again.  The Awkward Tourist shall rise again!


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