The Best Layover Ever: Part 2

Next was the shower, as I had no idea how long it had been since my last one back in another country, somewhere else (attractive!).  I was given a toothbrush and a little shower pod with a sink and toilet and I think that shower cleansed my soul it felt so good.  I hustled back to the lounge to book a taxi tour in order to get out of the sterile airport.  They had longer ones that went to sake breweries, but I only had time to do the 3-hour temple and mall tour.  I had some extra time so I took the 15 100-yen vouchers they gave me and went in search of the best sushi in the airport.  I was able to effectively order salmon, tuna, crab and sea urchin.  The sea urchin was my risky piece to try, it looked like poop and it didn’t taste very good.  Yay for taking risks though!

It turned out my taxi driver didn’t speak any English, but he knew where I needed to go.  First he took me to the Narita temple, a Buddhist temple with beautiful colorful buildings.  They gave me my own English-speaking guide who took me around and gave me the history of all the buildings,


A building in the Narita temple complex

as we walked about the blustery grounds.  She was like the little old Japanese grandma I never had, as she educated me about Japanese Buddhist and Shinto religions.

Next my silent taxi man took me to the very large Aeon shopping mall.  I would rather have done something cultural, but it was the only thing I had time for.  I walked around the mall, which was more or less just like its American counterpart.  There was a huge arcade with photobooths which made your eyes Anime-like, a drums game like Dance Dance Revolution, and lots of lights and tiny characters with large eyes everywhere.  I basically just walked around and had a look before I was whisked back to the airport, which I should get used to since that will be my life as a flight attendant soon.

I collected my belongings, said goodbye to the lounge ladies and started my trek to the gate.  I thought I was going to be bored and uncomfortable during my all-day layover in Japan, but I was pleasantly surprised when I boarded my place to LA relaxed and slightly more cultured.  Thank you, Japan for taking in a weary traveler and showing me hospitality and another little slice of the world!

An arcade - Japanese style

An arcade – Japanese style


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