14-03: The Beginning

It’s  been a long but rewarding first couple of days here at flight attendant training, and the days will only get harder.

I arrived at the training center around 2 pm on Sunday and almost immediately met my roommate, who is very sweet and I don’t think we’ll have a problem living together.  This is a good thing because they told us today we’re not allowed to switch rooms, because on a flight we’d have to learn to get along with whomever we were working with.  The room is like a hotel room only probably about half the size, so it’s tight but manageable.  There are housekeepers and a coffeemaker, which is more like a hotel than I thought, because I was thinking dorm all the way.  In a very 3rd grade fashion, I said hi to the girls across the hall and we went to eat dinner, and now they’re kind of the beginnings of little group (at least I hope they see it that way).  It was very “did we just become best friends?” “YUP!”.

I’m not too worried about making friends though, because there are 61 of us in class 14-03 so everyone will need a study buddy at some point.  They say our classmates will become our family.

We started Day 1 in the airline museum across the street, which got everyone sufficiently pumped for what is to come. They showed us some cheesy but awesome videos and then we were sent to our classroom.  The tables all had bowls of bite-size candies (good ones like Snickers) and there was a catering table outside with Diet Coke and coffee, so I know I’ll be nice and caffeinated for the next 8 weeks.

We spent the day in the classroom mostly getting an introduction to who our airline is and what they expect from us in terms of customer service.  They said that we should never forget how lucky and privileged we are, because out of 91,000 they are only hiring 2,000 flight attendants, which is roughly 2.2%.  I intend to impress over the next 8 weeks.

Off to study my city codes now!

(Sorry for the lack of photos, I took some today but as I’m still not sure what the social media policy is at my airline, I’ve decided to not include them)


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