Where in the world is…

Okay, okay…I know I’ve been the World’s Worst Blogger lately or perhaps more accurately, not a blogger at all. I tell you, I’ve had such a busy year! Between this crazy flight attendant gig, three separate moves, a boyfriend and these online classes I’m taking, life has had me by the…you know. Also, I’m trying to find my calling doing…something. I’ve tried all kinds of things and I don’t quite think I’ve nailed it yet. I digress. Although the boyfriend and the job are here to stay, in two short months I will have completed my Bachelor’s degree (in Communications) and will have what will seem like an excess of time on my hands to write. I’m also traveling to the Riviera Maya in Mexico next week to visit amazing beaches and Mayan ruins, so that might lead to some excellent paragraphs. So until then, faithful readers (all 2 of you?), I shall leave you with excuses, excuses and a promise to write more about my crazy life soon. Awkward Tourist, out!


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